Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dark day.

Two blows to my psyche in less than 5 minutes today.

The first, when I learned that one of my favorite authors, Dr. Jerry Pournelle is being treated for some kind of growth in his head. Malignant? There's not enough information yet, but further tests are scheduled. I now gladly buy the first issue hard cover edition of anything J.E. Pournelle and/or Larry Niven will writes. I've enjoyed his work more than any other writer, which include the creation of a future history that includes "The Mote in God's Eye," and "Falkenberg's Mercenary Legion." Here's a publisher-provided link to two free copies of his books, one of which is an early Falkenberg title.
Don't know if it matters to you Jerry, but you're in my prayers.


I was very sad to see that Fred Thompson has surrendered in face of the midstream media's campaign of silence. Not that they'd necessarily choose him, but I've yet to talk to an American conservative who didn't like him. The media tried real hard to either ignore his campaign or put it down. They characterized him as lazy or stupid, but I believe they thought he was another republican in the Reagan mold, and that scared them bad. Anybody that scares the liberal press has to be good for America.

I like what roger suggested, when he was speculating about a possible last ditch campaign effort for Fred Thompson:

"I'm Fred Thompson. You may not even know I'm running for president, because there's been a media blackout of my campaign. Why? The media elite see me as the closest thing to Ronald Reagan, and that scares the hell out of them. Here's what I believe ... ___Insert here______. Here's what I don't belive. ___Insert man made global warming_____

If you want a pandering pimp for president, then you want McCain or Huckabee. If you want a leader, it's me. Here's where I stand, then. If I don't win the Florida primary, I'll have to quit unless I receive $40 million dollars in campaigh contributions immediately. Otherwise, I won't have to say "go fuck yourselves"; you'll have already done it.

Thank you, good night, and God bless America.


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