Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Toronto Police fail again.

I fully expect to read someday soon that the Toronto Police have arrested and charged Mike Greer for the crime of acting to defend himself, his family, and his home.

Greer isn't a visible minority or self-identifying member of one of Canada's special minorities, so I wonder if it's possible that the city of Toronto and it's oh so Politically Correct Police Service lacks the will or just doesn't give a damn about protecting him from druggies, vandals, and firebombers?

For two years teacher Mike Greer, his family, and his home have been targeted by party-goers on the elementary school grounds next door after he confronted them and complained to the Police.  Egging of his house and cars, thousands of dollars of slashed tires and other vandalism of his property, and now on June 30th, a firebombing with a Molotov Cocktail are all included in the price Mike Greer and his family have paid for trying to do something about it.

Greer has seen these youths, he's talked to them. He's complained to the Police. But after sending a few patrol cars around they were unable to catch the vandals in the act. At police suggestion he's spent thousands of dollars on security cameras and a security service. He has photos and video, but nothing the police can lay charges with.

He complained to the city and tried to work with community leaders.  More lighting  and an ineffectual gate were put up at the school. The partying and vandalism continued.

Who are these thugs?  Video of the vandals shows that unless they're a bunch of retards who've failed multiple grades, they're too old to be students of the West Rouge Public Elementary School on which they party. They appear to be area residents


So Mike Greer has gone to the media.

When they can't apprehend the actual criminal the Toronto Police have already proved they're more than willing to arrest and charge outraged and desperate victims of crime who act to defend themselves. How long it will be before a desperate Mike Greer acts to defend his family and ends up facing charges for it?


UPDATE, July 10th, 2012

* It looks like Mike Greer is getting increased assistance from the Toronto Police now that his story was broken Nationally by Sun News.  While I'm personally glad that it appears Mike and his family are getting some significant help, I'm absolutely disgusted it took this turn of events to get the bureaucracy to act.

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