Tuesday, August 14, 2012

SIGNS, The 5 Man Electrical Band

So I'm out on the back deck behind my little country house today enjoying a cup of coffee when the original version of 'Signs' by the 5 Man Electrical Band comes on the radio. I start singing along.

I've always enjoyed that song.

Until I got to the line about the sign to keep trespassers out, and "Man, you're some kind of sinner." I thought about scraping up the down payment to buy my 3.9 acres of country-side, going deeply into debt to build the house, and the years of hard work I put in to afford it. Then I thought of myriads of random strangers walking through, squatting, eating my wildberries and (inevitably) leaving their garbage littered all over the property.

And I thought, "Damned right, you fuckin hippies."

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