Friday, October 03, 2014

More on 'Bullshit Rights'

Ten years ago I wrote a post about 'Bullshit Rights' vs Inalienable Rights.  Without wandering far afield into philosophy and natural law, I shared that I'd learned to define 'Bullshit Rights' as those which invariably deprive someone else of their Inalienable Rights.

Today I read of an example that illustrated this perfectly.

In 2011, in a travesty of justice, a New York Judge ordered a Christian couple fined $13,000 for refusing to host a lesbian wedding in their home.  The Christian couple, Cynthia and Robert Gifford, were earning an income from hosting weddings and receptions on their family farm.  They'd informed the engaged couple that the were willing to host their reception, but not the ceremony itself, which they'd objected to on religious grounds.  In addition to the fines, they've now been forced out of business.

After meeting with the Giffords, the lesbian couple decided to punish them because their F E E L I N G S were  H U R T.  Jennifer McCarthy and Melisa Erwin, the lesbian couple, complained to New York State's human rights division.  McCarthy justified her attack on the Giffords, telling the media that no one should be forced to face discrimination on their wedding day. 

No, but apparently if you can't keep her feelings from being hurt you go out of business.

So who had their rights denied?   The Gifford's Freedom of Conscience and Freedom of Religion, and their right to earn a living?  Or McCarthy and Erwin's Rights to force the Giffords to host a same-sex wedding ceremony in their home?  Their home. Their home. Their fucking Home.

I ran a business out of my home for over twenty years.  I would never have accepted it if someone had told me that meant they could force their way into my home against my will.

Bitches couldn't get the venue they wanted.  I think 'bitches' is an appropriate term in this case. There's always other venues; it happens all the time in wedding planning. But because the happy couple were gay, they get to punish someone.

I'm glad the Giffords are now fighting back.  I'm saddened that they have to.

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