Thursday, January 06, 2005

Officials to be Forced to Perform Gay Weddings or Else:

It doesn’t surprise me, but once again we are given proof that a Federal Cabinet Minister’s promises aren’t worth shit. On December 14th, Canada’s Attorney General, Irwin Cotler, promised the press that civic officials who did not want to perform same-sex civil marriages would not lose their Constitutional rights to freedom of conscience and freedom of religion. Yeah, right. Manitoba and Saskatchewan are planning to compel civic officials to officiate at Homosexual weddings on pain of dismissal. In the December 18th Toronto Globe and Mail Manitoba Premier Gary Doer promised reporters that his province’s officials would have to surrender their licenses if they refused to perform Gay Civic Marriages. Saskatchewan has similar policies.

With every step and ruling, our lords and masters, uh- I mean, ‘elected leaders’ assured us that Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Conscience would be preserved. They assured us that our churches wouldn’t be coerced into performing homosexual marriage ceremonies against their creeds. And they promised civic officials wouldn’t be forced either. Oh well, at least they have Cotler’s promise. Just like we have the Prime Minister’s pre-election promises for more democratic government, more free votes, and a reigning Liberal government more sensitive to the wishes of the people...

We all know how credible the promises of a Liberal are, don’t we?

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