Friday, January 21, 2005

ROTFLMAO - viral ad

This viral ad made my day. I'm not corny. I hate shoplifters and thieves. Yesterday I caught a shoplifter walking out the door at my local neighborhood convenience store and grabbed him. Since I had a break-in and two cars stolen I really hate thieves. I loved the trunk monkey superbowl ad where the monkey crawled out of the trunk and offed the car thief. The criminal element is a negative influence on society (duh) and in an extreme sense so are terrorists. A commercial where a terrorist dies warms my heart too.
Nice thing about viral ads is you don't have to worry about prissy censorship by the FCC or CRTC. The best quote on the subject was by a poster named claymore at ad-rag:
"Jurisdictionally-speaking, the FCC isn't even in the picture here. That's like the FAA banning tinfoil underwear for flying slug beasts on Pluto."

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