Monday, June 20, 2005

File under "Ministry of Silly Walks"

When the sad, long and destructive history of the Political Correctness movement is finally written this will hopefully be only a minor footnote. Kathryn Race, Marketing head of the British Potato council wants the Oxford English Dictionary changed. She says the 4,000 member potato farmers of the BPC are worried people will stop eating British potatos because "couch potato" is a derogatory term. Kathryn says 'couch potato' should be replaced with 'couch slouch.'

Good-Morning girls and boys. Can you say, "trying to Justify your useless Job?" Gee Kathryn, if anything will cause people to decrease the amount of your potatos they eat, it's those greasy greasy English-style fish and chips vendors. Why not try to develop and promote an efficient and less greasy way to cook those chips?

Fortunately, the english language is safe for now. The O.E.D.'s chief editor, John Simpson, says words are never taken out of the dictionary. They are "a record of the english language from the earliest days."


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