Friday, June 10, 2005

Wild West Shooting Centre

Yesterday, my buddy Rodman and I had a blast doing something more Canadians should try. We shot off about a hundred rounds at an indoor range at the West Edmonton Mall called the Wild West Shooting Centre.

The picture above is my 2nd grouping at 25 feet with a .38super. Not bad for a guy who last shot a handgun (a little .22 dual action revolver) more than 20 years ago! While Rodman has about a dozen hand guns and rifles, I haven't kept any of the guns from my childhood except for an old .22 Coey I last saw at Mom and Dad's farm.

For a small fee and the price of the ammunition, you can shoot any of their pistols from .22 to .50 calibre. The staff was great. We took memberships.

So I'm going back.

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