Friday, August 05, 2005

Back from holidays, What's been happening?

I’m just back from holidays, and I’ve been scanning the last month’s news. What the hell has been going on? The IRA swears off violence? Wow. There’s one for the ‘Holy shit!’ category.

On the other side of the ledger however, the old insanity continues. In England terrorists blow up a number of bombs in the London transit system, and in North America the NYPD begins random searches of subway rider’s backpacks in reaction. So naturally the damned ACLU-types launch a court challenge of those searches.


On Lars Larson’s nationally syndicated radio talk show today, one ACLU-symp actually tried suggesting random searches for terrorists would be ok so long as police can’t prosecute if they find evidence of OTHER criminal activity.

The NYPD is looking to protect the public from terrorist subway bombers, and the New York Civil Liberties people are looking to protect… who? Just who the hell is their constituency anyway? Lets think about this for a moment. Who have they protected in the past? Oh yes, child pornographers, drug dealers, and pro jihad terrorist sympathizers in the education system...

Based on their history, I think the ACLU could be declared a terrorist criminal organization.

Enough said, eh?

In other news… Oh, in Israel yesterday Palestinian terrorists bravely killed or injured a number of Palestinian children. The terrorists were actually firing rockets at an Israelis Protest. I think the death of anyone’s child is tragic. Given the historical Palestinian propensity for dressing their children in semtex and sending them out to suicide bomb public places I’m sure those idiots with the rockets only regret those kids wasted deaths. Hopefully they manage to rocket themselves next time.

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