Sunday, December 18, 2005

No Paul, We do need a new category of Citizenship

Once again Canada’s Prime Minister proves that “Liberal” and “softheaded delusional pollyannas” are synonymous. 25 year old self-described terrorist Abdurahman Khadr, was arrested by RCMP Saturday in Scarborough, Ontario on a provisional warrant after returning from a trip to Pakistan. On Sunday Mr. Martin wasted no time asserting that Khadr’s rights as a Canadian citizen will be safeguarded despite his alleged links to al Qaeda. “They came to Canada many, many years ago, and we don’t have two classes of citizenship.”

Alleged? In 2001 Abdurahman Khadr was captured fighting in Afghanistan by coalition forces and held at Guantanamo Bay until late 2003. Afterwards, Khadr told CBC news that he lied to U.S. authorities to get out, and that his family was an “al Qaeda” family who considered Osama Bin Laden a personal friend. Abdurahman says he was trained in Afganistan as a suicide bomber. Khadr’s Sister, Zaynab, was arrested last February after returning to Canada from Pakistan with a laptop and DVDs with Bin Laden recordings and video of terrorist activities. Their brothers have all been linked to terrorist activities, and one is still in Guantanamo Bay for having shot and killed an American Medic in 2002. Abdurahman's mother, Maha said the family supported the al-Qaeda cause, but insist it was never an accepted part of the terrorist organization. Yet her husband, Ahmed Said Khadr, died in October 2003 in a gun-battle with Pakistani police. That same gun battle saw her son, Abdul Khadr, wounded and permanently paralyzed. Maha says that her husband was proud to die as a shaheed, a soldier of Islam.

But Mr. Martin says “alleged.”

According to the CTV news story the provisional warrant for Khadr is in connection to charges by U.S. authorities that Khadr is sought in Massachusetts for:

  • Possession of a destructive device
  • Conspiracy to murder U.S. nationals outside the country.
  • Conspiracy to use a destructive device against U.S. nationals and U.S. property outside the country

The U.S. attorney's office in Boston alleges Abdullah bought explosives, rocket-propelled grenades, mortar rounds and other munitions for al Qaeda at the request of his father, Ahmed Said Khadr.

Abdurahman’s lawyer says the warrant is a cynical and spiteful attempt by the U.S. government to get at his client. Duh. If he actually was an innocent citizen who just happened to have a family with a questionable past, he should be trying to live a exemplary life and have nothing to do with them. But he’s not.

There’s a twenty-five hundred year old parable, told by Aesop, about a farmer who found a snake one winter, dying in the cold. Moved by pity for the creature, he picked it up and warmed it at his breast. Once the cold blooded snake revived, it bit him and the farmer died. The moral of the tale is obvious to anyone with common sense. I suppose that excludes the Liberals, eh?

Let’s look at the Prime Minister’s statement again: “…we don’t have two classes of citizens.” What a wonderful idea Mr. Martin has raised. I’m certain it’d horrify him, but that’s exactly what Canada needs, a provisional class of citizenship for immigrants that can revoked if they prove to be criminals or, as in the Khadr family’s case, the kind of scum who willingly send their children overseas to train as suicide bombers.

Like many liberals who’ve spoken out against the American’s war on terror Mr. Martin is another Richard-head who doesn’t apparently believe there’s consequences to harboring a viper at your breast.

One of my favorite authors, Robert H. Heinlein, many years ago described liberals as people who: “believe that water runs downhill, but praise God, it’ll never reach the bottom.”

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