Thursday, December 01, 2005

Spreading the Word

Microsoft's new firewall/spyware/internet security program, "WINDOWS SECURITY" beta One Care has been released and now two of my computer-tech buddies have weighed in. DON'T INSTALL THIS SHIT ON YOUR COMPUTER!
It's typical big-corp bean-counter bugs, -er features, in this thing are probably deliberate. Horde Leader the Mad Ogre, says it killed off all the non-Microsoft web apps on his test computer. The only things that were able to connect to the net were Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook. Connectivity of his Firefox, Opera, AVG antivirus, and Spysweeper were completely Sabotaged by the Microsoft program. Microsoft said today that 15,000 suckers, I mean, 'users' were already using this software.

I get enough of this big brother attitude from my employer. The last update they preformed on my company computer loaded so much official spyware to watch my usage the effin thing now creeps like a 386.

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