Friday, April 21, 2006

Another moonbat lashes out

Here's an interesting exchange I had with a 32 year old Librarian about Iraq. He's too blinded by his political viewpoint to let facts get in the way of 'his' reality. This guy's outlook is quite prevalent in the education system. I'm so glad we homeschool, and that my kids aren't often exposed to mindsets like this guy's.

We join the conversation midway:

'V' wrote:
Sad thing is that its only logical for a country who has just witnessed earths biggest superpower invade their neighbour on false pretext, to arm itself with at least the threat of nuklear arms. If that was not the case the hassle of foreign pressure, possible embargo and trade sanctions would not be worth it.

I answered:
False pretext my ass. Wake up. The Pentagon has thousands of captured Iraqi documents that they're slowly translating, and they're revealing that there were WMDs in Iraq, and that Bin Ladden met with officials of the Hussein regime to discuss joint operations. That last one was dated Feb 19, 1995.
Hell, this January the Administration released 12 hours of audiotapes of meetings from one the Hussein palaces, that include discussions between the dictator and his staff, including Tariq Aziz, about how to hide their WMDs.
As for Iran, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has previously declared he wants to nuke Israel and America. Only an imbecillic pollyanna would accept Iran's latest statements that they're into nuclear power only for it's 'Peaceful' benefits.

'V' wrote:
Hamm you´re so full of it. Thousands of captured iraqi documents that there slowly translating!? Poor things, arabic is so awfully difficult language, written from right to left and all.
When taken into account how desperate Rummsfeld and al. where to proove that there were indeed WMD in Iraq it would be very strange if they first got around to translating them now. Its more likely the Pentagon is faking those documents themselfes.
It is well documented that Saddam and Bin Laden were enemies, "joint operations" is wishful thinking on behalf of the neo-cons.
The president of Iran is no less of an asshole than Bush but he never said anything about nuking either Israel or USA. What he has said is that Israel should be relocated to Europe, and personally I think that would have been a good idea, they should have gotten the Rhine walley in Germany.
Or the Palestinians who where driven out of what is now Israel should have gotten that territory as compensaton.

I answered:
Proof? Magazine and News stories? Read em and weep.

January 27th - A Warded Neuron Hussein's #2 Airforce General tells all.
April 2006 World Magazine Cover story: Iraqi Documents
Boston Globe, March 18th US PUTS DOCUMENTS ON THE WEB.
The Australian, March 19th Saddam's Al-Qa'ida link
oooh oooh. Here's a final link:
Evidence the administration was right, Mounts.

If I'm full of anything, it's the truth.

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