Friday, April 21, 2006

Wake up.

I got in an argument online today with an idiot too stupid to know there's a gun pointed to his head. That guy actually thought Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was truthful in his claim that their nuclear fuel enrichment programs were intended for peaceful use only. I think he was Neville Chamberlain in a previous life.
So if he's correct, then Ahmadinejad was only kidding about nuking America and Israel?

I don't think so either.

Some interesting thoughts on this issue by Dr. Jerry Pournelle. He writes:

First, anyone not blind will see that the West has been teaching powerful lessons over the years:

The first lesson is: if you are a dictator, or part of an unpopular government structure, get nukes, get them quick, get them in any way you have to. Get nukes and get them now...

The view from Chaos manor. Check it out.


Amsa said...

Ironic how you want to stop Iran from having nuclear technology and on the other hand signing nuclear Pacts with India!

Shows the double standards of the West!
Check out your policies and you'll know why Muslims hate them! (if you use your brain that is)

Hamm172 said...

Thanks for checking out the blog, but as I said earlier here, and on other forums, you're missing the point.

It's in everyone's best interest that nations with nuclear technology use them for peace. Some nations have proven their ability to keep and use nuclear technology peacefully. Others, by their rhetoric, have proven they don't deserve the opportunity. Period.

When India was developing it's nuclear weapons, Did India's Prime Minister declare that they'd be soon nuking Pakistan? Not that I've seen anywhere. When Pakistan was developing it's nukes, did they declare their intentions to nuke India? Not that I've read anywhere.
Am I wrong?

I've given you my reasons for the position I've taken. I don't see it as a double standard. Don't object just because it's India.