Thursday, May 25, 2006

“I do what I do, so you can do what you do.” Capt. Nichola Goddard

Captain Nichola Goddard's funeral is tomorrow.

The Feminists and their ilk demanded equality for women in the military, and now that one has died in combat, they're demanding we abandon our commitment to the war on terror.

Now that a female Canadian soldier has died fighting Taliban terrorists, the same pro-feminist liberals who insisted that combat roles be opened to women are now demanding Canada withdraw it's Afghanistan mission. Their arguments are varied, but they all seem to have a at least three things in common:
1) They all pretty much ignore that fact that the Afghanis WANT us there, to help rebuild their society.
2) Like Afghanistan's Taliban and their Al Quaida supporters, it seems like it's pretty much only the opposition Liberals and NDP and their supporters, (like the CBC) who don't want us there.
3) Finally, the point they all seem to hold most dear: They all seem to think that abandoning the Afgan peoples to the drug lords and Mullahs who destroyed the country in the first place is somehow good because it undermines American foreign policy.

Goddard's father Tim, is a University of Calgary professor specializing in the restoration of education systems in war-torn countries. Her mother Sally said Nichola once told him “I do what I do, so you can do what you do”

Captain Nichola Goddard deserves to be remembered for more than just being our first female combat fatality. That's trivializing her death for the feminist ideology of exclusion. She certainly doesn't deserve the legacy NDP leader Jack Layton would give her: cause celebre for the abandonment of the Afghan mission that would ultimately make her death meaningless.
Hopefully she will be remembered as a soldier, citizen, wife, and daughter who did her duty as she saw it, and died doing what she wanted to do.

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