Saturday, May 13, 2006

MP Persecuted for Criticism of Supreme Court

The hounding of Saskatchewan Member of Parliament Maurice Vellacott out of a Commons Committee Chairmanship is chillingly reminiscent of the pre-WWII Nazi persecution of the German Jewish community. In a CBC interview, Vellacott said that he didn't think it was the role of Judges to play God, and he specifically criticized Supreme Court Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin, for claiming to have the mystical Power to better know the mind and will of the People, than the People themselves, or their elected representatives.
Having failed to re-shape Canada democratically, Canada's Activist Supreme Court has become the Loony Left's Primary Hope for remolding our society in favour of their pet causes and beliefs. Their voicepiece, the CBC, began a campaign to smear Vellacott by exaggerrating his statements and claiming his beliefs somehow render him unfit to serve as chairman of Parliament's Aboriginal Affairs Committee.
So, on the basis of his remarks that Judges aren't God, he was forced to step down this week as Chairman of the House of Commons Aboriginal Affairs committee.
A spokesman from Mount Olymp- er, Chief Justice McLaughlin's Office deliberately misinterpreted Vellacott's statement, denying the Chief Justice ever said the Justices had God-like powers.
While many things bother me about this persecution of an elected MP, Two things bother me more than most.

1) That Vellacott was persecuted by the midstream media in general, and more specifically an organ of the state, (the CBC- you guess which organ I'm thinking of...) for publicly disagreeing with the whole idea of Activist Judges. By persecuting Vellacott they commit an offense against his constitutional right to freedom of Speech. They also offend against the majority of voters in Vellacott's riding who voted for him, knowing full well he's a former Pastor and outspoken critic of so-called gay- marriage and Infanticide (abortion).

2) That Her-Supremeness McLachlin has publicly stated her belief that the Supreme Court has the duty and self-endowed RIGHT to dictate norms to Canadians, even if Parliament, The Constitution, and public opinion oppose them, is a matter of public record. That Vellacott was persecuted for his remarks, and that her office now claims she didn't say anything like that smacks frighteningly of Orwell's 1984. Yet last December McLachlin gave a speech to Law students at Victoria University in New Zealand where she claimed that Judges had the duty to force elected lawmakers to conform to whatever currently trendy extra-constitutional principles they wished to read-in to the Constitution. You can read her speech here.

You may heard that Power Corrupts. In fact, It's Power with Unaccountability that Corrupts. And who has more unaccountable power than our unelected Supreme Court Justices?

The CBC had long ago earned my contempt. That these Liberal-appointed, and unaccountable activist judges on our Supreme Court presume to know better than Canadians and their elected Parliament the direction our society should go has also earned them my, -well, you know.

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