Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Canadians Try Smoking out Talibans hiding in Hemp Fields...

I've been following many of the unofficial accounts on the net of our Canadian troops in Afghanistan for a while now. It's amazing what doesn't get into the midstream media.

It Seems the Taliban's terrorists have taken to hiding in Afghanistan's lush 10- foot high Marijuanna fields. Seems that at this time of year they're quite green and ...FIREPROOF.
So the Canadian's do what seems obvious: they try to light the shit up and smoke out the enemy. General Rick Hillier, Canada's chief of Defense Staff admitted earlier this week that neither Diesel nor white phosphorus could do more than get a few brown plants on the edges smoking. Some of the soldiers downwind apparently suffered some "ill effects" and they had to give up on that particular course of action. (check this link for AFP photo)

Should have tried Napalm from B52s or something.(wav file)

note: Ok, so the comic doesn't quite fit the story, but I bought Terry Mosher's last Aislin treasury just for this one. No disrespect is intended towards the huge majority of CF Personel in Afghanistan who passed the drug tests with flying colors. The comic itself dates back to a 2004 issue of the Montreal Gazette.


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