Sunday, October 01, 2006

Putting it in Perspective

Browsing "The People's Cube" when I found this bit of humor:

Read the article, there's also a fictional quote from a letter from a European monarch (who refused to come to Byzantium's aid) that also made me smile sadly:

"We must avoid everything that increases tension between people or religions," said the King of France in an open letter to Manuel II (cc the Ottoman Court). "Islam is a religion of peace, and there is a need to be on constant alert against marginal provocations that are meant to turn this issue into a global crisis."

It's funny because it rings true in a way that the Politically Correct could never recognize. The Pope points out the unreasonability of people who claim "I believe in God, therefore I plant car-bombs in public places," and Islam goes ape-shit.

I notice that this website had a link to a video they'd produced illustrating what they thought was the proper context for the Holy Father's statements. It's been pulled. I searched youtube for it, but it doesnt' come up anymore.

I think the People's cube is a great little website every soccer mom and university prof should visit. It's full of ideas, tips, and interesting dictionary entries like this one:


(noun) A process whereby evil murderous thugs are turned into everyday heroes by an overzealous mainstream media. Hezbollize (verb) Assign great social importance to gangsters, treat them as celebrities (Hez-boll-ized, Hez-boll-iz-ing, Hez-boll-iz-es)
Example 1: "Cross burnings bring warmth and comfort to homes without central heating, as caring KKK activists distribute clean white clothing among impoverished kids."
Example 2: "Crips, Bloods, MS 13 organize daily after school programs, engage minotiry children in pharmacological economics and ballistics training."

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