Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Media poll reveals bias

Was surfing the local News/Talk station and saw more disturbing evidence of how brainwashed by the socialists our media is. Their online news poll asked:
With another multi billion dollar Alberta surplus, what do you want money spent on?

better schools
better hospitals
better roads
ALL of the above
more rebate cheques

The only possible choices provided look like they were written by a civil servant. Four choices for more government spending, or give cash away. Gawd, our province is one of the highest spenders per capita on health care and education already. Who are these guys? Closet liberals?
It reveals a bloody narrow worldview on the part of whoever wrote it...

What about tax cuts dammit! Cut the gas tax. Cut the sin taxes. Cut the income tax. Instead of giving money to every welfare schleb burdening our society, tax cuts directly benefit those of us who are supporting and building up the economy. Every-day working people who spend the money they earn on every-day things.

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