Wednesday, March 21, 2007

More Al Gore Lies to Congress

America's greatest fraud addressed congress today, shilling for the greatest hoax of the 21st century, global warming. Claiming there's irrefutable proof than mankind is responsible for global warming, he demanded the government do something about all the CO2 with which us filthy humans are polluting the earth's atmosphere. Despite the increasing numbers of scientists who are publicly refuting claims that climate change is caused by human CO2 emissions, the Climate change industry is still insists they have near-unanimous support from the scientific community.

Interestingly enough, producers for George Noory's Nationally Syndicated overnight radio show, Coast to Coast Am, (Art Bell's old show) tried this week to set up a live, on-air debate between scientists both pro and against human-driven global warming. Tonight, George told his national audience that they couldn't find any scientist willing to debate the global warming activist's side.
Not one.
Noory reported that The Pro-global warming 'scientists' were willing appear only if they could have a one-sided show. But no debate.

Earlier this month The BBC's channel 4 broadcast a much needed documentary refuting Al Gore's propaganda movie, 'inconvenient truth'. I say much needed, because the public school's curriculum already REQUIRES junior-high students to watch Gore's movie.

Anyone claiming they're open minded should watch it, available in in entirety at this link, here. Among some of the more interesting facts presented:
  • Many of the scientists named as supporting the United Nations IPCC reports on climate change are listed there against their will. Indeed, many of the so-called scientists on the list are not scientists at all, but merely ngo employees, government bureaucrats, and interested people associated with the climate change lobby.
  • The dominant heat-trapping mechanism in our atmosphere is water vapor, 95%. Not CO2. CO2 makes up about one third of one percent of the atmosphere.
  • CO2 and water vapor are natural components of our atmosphere, -not pollutants.
  • In temperate climates it can be -40 winter and 38 C in the summer, a swing of 78 degrees C. Yet the Climate Change Lobby is trying to tell us that a change of 0.6 to 0.8C over the last 100 years is due to co2 caused by man. In one afternoon Mount St. Helens spewed more co2 into the atmosphere than mankind has since the beginning of the industrial revolution.
  • Climate change is not debated. Climate change is a natural ongoing process. But all historical, biological and geological evidence shows that weather moderates and life flourishes during periods of warming.
Are you intellectually honest? Check it out.

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