Thursday, April 12, 2007

Standing for Nothing

If We Stand for Nothing, then any Soldier's death is enough to bring our troops home.

"Stay Focused on the Mission," Lorrie Goldstein's April 11th Sun Media editorial nails it -the reason why our national media dwells so excessively over almost every single casualty we take in Afghanistan. The editorial, titled: "Let's Not Lose Focus on Mission" points out that "honoring the dead, and respecting the grief of their families is one thing. But using every death to argue the mission should be abandoned, as so many in Canada's chattering classes do, is obscene."

So what do they hope to achieve by doing that? Discourage the nation?

As Lorrie points out, the mission is to defeat a freedom-hating, hate-fomenting, terrorist-training group of religious fanatics, who had enslaved their women and ruled their country with an iron-fisted reign of terror. The mission is to help the Afghans rebuild their country's ruined infrastructure; roads, schools, water treatment systems and hospitals.

The Problem with our chattering classes is they are, to steal from their own vocabulary, morally bankrupt. Standing for nothing beyond their own professional and/or personal gratifications these ex-hippie boomers view the world through the rose colored glasses of a moral relativism that eliminates traditional concepts like right and wrong, or good and evil. In this world-view, if evil exists, it is the forcing of others to consider any point of view other than their own. It's a John Lennon 'live and let live' philosophy; his song "Imagine" is their Anthem, and Lennon's nirvana of no religion, no countries, and no strife is their ideal.

In other words, these Lennon-liberals stand for nothing, and see their own country as evil because we're trying to impose democracy, freedom of religion, and freedom-from-terrorism on Al Quaida and the Taliban.

If you stand for nothing, then every soldier's death is a reason to bring the troops home. That's why they're trying to discourage the nation by dwelling so excessively on our casualties.

Two more soldiers were murdered today by the Taliban. Earlier this week, a terrorist I.E.D. killed six soldiers in a light armoured vehicle. Their deaths were over-reported for over two days with all the angst our media would muster over a school shooting or fatal natural disaster. We need to support our troops. Every one of them is a volunteer, and they need to know the sacrifices they're making over there won't be wasted.

I wanted to put the link for Lorrie Goldstein's editorial here, but I can't find the damn thing on neither the Edmonton Sun (which ran her editorial) or Toronto Sun (where she's based) websites. Her email is . Thanks to Cox&Forkum for the graphic.

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