Monday, June 11, 2007

Fear of Police? Not very Canadian, eh?

From Toronto today there's story about how the 3 survivors of a fatal shooting know who did it, but are refusing to identify the killers to police.

"The three surviving victims of a brazen weekend shooting in northwest Toronto are refusing to co-operate with police, even though one of their friends was killed in the incident... Residents in the Rexdale... said they stick to the "no snitching" code of silence because they don't trust police and fear retaliation."

Tough shit. I've said it before, if the victims are covering up for the criminals they're fricking accessories: Charge the so-called victims if they won't assist the police investigation.

Is it an earmark of Canadian tradition to not trust the police? No. By and large we believe we have the right to expect our police to be largely free of the taint of corruption which plagues so many third-world police forces. It's in many parts of Asia and Latin America that you fear the police. How surprised would you be to learn the gang-plagued neighborhood of Rexdale has a huge immigrant component?

Fear of retaliation? Sadly, The liberals have successfully criminalized self-defense, so Canadians have little choice in these matters but to go to the police. We are defenseless in the face of violent crime, it seems that's what the government wants. That liberal dumb-ass, Ontario Premier Mcginty is even using this killing as an excuse to call for tougher gun-laws. Riiiight Dalton, I'll bet you a million dollars and a hundred innocent bystanders that the weapons used in the killings weren't obtained in a law-abiding manner anyway. Moron.

The media is, as usual, bending over backwards not to mention race or immigration. I'm not blaming immigration. I'm not against immigration. But the greatest peaceful case of mass immigration in our history was during the last century, when immigrants were expected to ASSIMILATE into their new society, and become citizens of their new countries, -and not expatriate Whatever-Canadians.

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