Thursday, June 21, 2007

Robert Mitchum was right

This is a great clip.  The liberal surrender monkeys
on youtube sh*t all over him for this one...

Mitchum was being interviewed after he'd been to South
Vietnam, during the Vietnam war. The reporters asked,
"should we pull out?"

Mitchum said No. You can't pull out of the human race.

The reporters pushed him for an alternative to staying
in Vietnam.

Since the avowed purpose of the communists was to invade
and take over South Vietnam, (and ultimately as much of
the world as they could) and they refused to live peace-
fully with us, we're obliged to push the button and wipe
them out.

He wasn't arguing for genocide. He was pointing out that
the alternative to staying in the war was far more hor-
rible. Giving in to the communists wasn't an option.

"You can't pull out of the human race." He was arguing
that it's America's duty to help the South Vietnamese keep
their country. That if America abandoned them, America
would be in part responsible for the millions of potential
murders the communists would commit as they spread through
South East Asia. ( Mitchum was proven right. We eventually
pulled out, and the commies killed millions )

In other words, you can't share a house with a rabid dog.
If you should be so stupid as to try to live peacefully
with a rabid dog, it'll bite you and your family, and you'll
all die. Period.

I believe the same is true today of radical islam.

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