Monday, September 24, 2007

CBC bias - today's Stats Canada Income story

Further to the Stats Canada post below, I found it interesting to hear the midstream media's interpretation. Were they concerned that our economy is not producing prosperity at anywhere near the level of our nearest neighbors? Well, at least they mentioned it.

Tax-payer funded CBC predictably made the most about who pays what taxes. Apparently it's Nationally newsworthy that somewhere in Canada, in the 2.8 Million Plus range, there were about 100 people who's business losses or other expenses exceeded their incomes, and they paid no tax.

Oh My GAwd. What a disaster.

On CBC Radio One the news story at the top of the 6 oclock hour emphasized how much richer than the rest of the taxpayers the top 5% are, and that the top 1 percent nearly doubled their incomes over last year. The 95-percenters apparently barely made any gains. I could hear the triumphant emotion in his voice as the CBC reporter hit what he thought was the high point of this story: that the rich are paying a larger precentage of taxes than they were a few years ago.

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