Thursday, September 13, 2007

Random News

Two news stories caught my attention this morning; the first wasn't really news but the 2nd made me laugh.

1st, the Sun Newspapers thought it was news when bureaucrats in the Federal Government released a paper proving the last Liberal Government knew the Kyoto accord would not be implementable. This is news?????? Shit. Tomorrow they'll probably announce the discovery of Mars.

2nd, RCMP have arrested a 36 year old Nigerian refugee in Winnipeg for conning a Senior Citizen out of $30,000 with the Nigerian Inheritance Email Con. Not only does Winnipeg suck, (it has the highest sales records in 2006 for 7-Eleven Slurpys) but it's also the home of one of the only people in North America who hadn't heard about the Nigerian Email scam.
Toluwalade Alonge Owolabi of Toronto was arrested in Winnipeg when he went to the victim's house to pick up more money. The victim, who has remained unnamed, had already wired $30,000 to a Bank in Ghana. The money was supposed to help pay for the release of a 1.5 million dollar inheritance.
Guess what?
No inheritance and no refunds. Ghanan officials refuse to cooperate in the return of the victims money. No kidding. This is Africa, it's probably already been stolen by the aforementioned officials.
Will Owolabi be convicted? Will he actually serve time? Will his refugee claim be denied? Will he be deported? Frankly it's too much to hope that some Magoo Judge in the Canadian Injustice system won't let this dickhead go on his own recognizance.
It's also pollyannish to hope this is the only guy behind all the Nigerian email scams.

Do us a favour if you will; Should you see Toluwalade Alonge Owolabi wandering the streets please kick him in the nuts and tell him to emigrate to China for the good of our society, hmmm?

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