Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Chinese Trojans on your HardDrive?

The Taipei Times has published reports about 500gb Seagate Harddrives being sold with trojan viruses that upload any data stored on them to Beijing. The affected drives are reportedly Maxtor Basics 500 GB sold as part of a portable HD system, manufactured in Thailand, and sold in Taiwan. The news story did not mention any such compromised HDs sold outside of Taiwan.
I have long been concerned that policy makers in the West appear to be oblivious to the threat Communist China poses to both our security and economic well being. Like the Soviets and the Nazis before them, China's rulers see themselves not only as the center of Human history, but also the future dominant political and economic power on earth.

Chinese espionage in the west has only been sporadically covered in the midstream media; Hell, they gave the Clintons a complete pass on their questionable connections.

Format format format those cheap new hard drives...

Thx to Dr. Jerry Pournelle for the link.

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