Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Nanny State's Revenge

I've called Canada a borderline police state before, but it was to make a point, and more tongue in cheek than meant. I'll take that back now. We are becoming a police state and the "People Who Are Supposed to Protect Us" are degenerating into armed thugs who intimidate and persecute the families of those the State disagrees with.

This is Katie. Her Father refused to renew his gun license as a protest, and the Canadian government has stolen their home in reprisal. He's worked and paid his taxes and his bills all his life. He's a productive member of our society.

Katey's father is Bruce Montague, who has been fighting the Liberal Party's Billion Dollar confiscatory Anti-Gun law, C-68 for years. On September 14th 2004, in a as blatant abuse of power as I've ever heard of before, the Ontario governnment seized his house.

Part of the foundation for this was laid in 1982. The elite who rule over us would have a harder time justifying confiscation of private property (firearms or homes) if it weren't for former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau's Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

I've ranted before about how Pierre Trudeau's Charter of Rights illegally omitts the right to own property. I'll do it again. As an elitist and former communist, he knew property rights for ordinary citizens couldn't be allowed under the socialist state he was trying to impose on us.
Yet for nearly a thousand years since the MAGNA CARTA the crown has acknowleged the property rights of it's subjects; it also says:

"neither We, nor our Heirs, shall procure or do anything whereby Liberties contained in this Charter shall be infringed or broken; and if anything be procured by any person contrary to the premises, it shall be had of no force nor effect."

After acknowledging the supremacy of the Magna Carta, Trudeau's Charter omits the right to own property. We need to get the people of Canada to realize they've been robbed. Otherwise it's inevitable that more Canadian Patriots like Bruce Montague will feel the heavy hand of police state thuggery.

(thx to the MadOgre for the heads up)

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