Saturday, August 08, 2009

Spread it around

Found this while surfing. Spread it around.


brialovesleo said...

you do realize that you're a pathetic loon, right?

Hamm172 said...

Thank you Bria, if so then I'm in good company.

brialovesleo said...

alright i am a loon....but not necessarily pathetic ;) so are you totally p-o'd about the health care bill?

Hamm172 said...

Yes I am. I am disappointed in the performance of pretty well everybody who's been involved in this issue. To top it off, the President claimed it was a non-partisan triumph over the special interests.

Pure b.s. All the amendments and special provisions for different parts of the country are exactly that.

Moreover, My views are a matter of record, see my September 3rd post. Not only have the numbers of so-called "uninsured" been dramatically inflated, but it would have been far cheaper for the administration to just pay to enroll them in a decent health insurance plan than to impose this Ginormous and wasteful Gov't Health program on everyone.

I'm under a Government Health program where I live right now Bria, and compared to the benefits and services available to my co-workers at our Company Head Office in Connecticut, it sucks.

brialovesleo said...

Well I believe everyone should be entitled to have healthcare all honestly I don't think this bill should have been passed at this point in time.