Tuesday, November 08, 2005

France Discovers Appeasement Sucks - Maybe they'll learn this time...

(Image from Cox & Forkum)

There's a hoary old joke that goes:
Question: "How many Soldiers does it take to defend Paris?"
Answer: "Nobody knows, it's never been tried before."

By some accounts, the French are trying now. One person is now known to be dead, and the Islamic riots have spread across France and, according to some reports, Germany and the Netherlands. The foolishness of the post WWII politically correct ideals that allowed millions of 3rd world temporary workers to effectively immigrate to Europe without assimilating is now obvious.

I've wondered if France had, in part, opposed the second Gulf war in an attempt to appease their sizable Muslim minorities. Some news services are carrying stories calling the riots an Intifada, and I heard one radio interview last night that claimed the U.S. has communications intercepts proving this unrest is part of a movement to convert Europe to Islam through violence and intimidation. Nearly 10% of France's population is Muslim, and although many are 2nd generation, there's been little effort to assimilate.

Looking over the past century, there was one continent which managed to absorb a mass of immigration without rioting and widespread disorder. Canada and the United States each had huge territories that begged for settlers. And both nations managed to absorb millions of foreign immigrants without huge changes to their cultural norms.

The reason was Assimilation. As the newcomers arrived they, in many cases enthusiastically, adopted the ways and identities of their adopted nations. It's only in the last 30 years that the 'melting pot' concept of assimilation was discarded in favour of 'multicultural preservation.' Or rather, what began as multiculturalism has turned into an inadverdant but outright attempt to transplant damn near all the 3rd world animosities and conflicts into the 1st world, right alongside the people fleeing them.

You want to emmigrate to France? Become French. You want to live in America? Be American. I've seen reports of immigrant ghettos in Canada and the United States where after TWO GENERATIONS the ethnic newcomers still can't speak english. There are towns in France where Muslims are 70% of the population, and can't speak French.

France is paying the price. We're only a little farther down the timetable.


Nastyboy said...

One factor that no one seems to want to talk about either is the inherent racsism of French society. Second Generation college educated visible minorities there are 5 time more likely to be unemplyed or under employed in france.

I met French soldiers in Africa, and they were the most racist mother fuckers I've ever seen. They even refused to salute African officers in the same mission. Belgians were just as bad too.

Hamm172 said...

Nastyboy, you're either missing the point or trying to change the subject. Racism is an evil that every nation harbors.
So what?
Promoting our DIFFERENCES through government multiculturalism policies won't diminish racism one iota.
It does however have the same effect as repeatedly using a dirty finger to poke at an infected wound: It won't heal anything.