Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Wrong is right. Up is down.

California voted last night in favour of the death penalty for unborn babies. Voters chose to defeat a proposition intended to help Parents prevent the abortion industry from taking advantage of their MINOR daughters. Their school teachers can't lay a finger on them without a lawsuit, but they won't be prevented from taking your daughter for an abortion without your knowledge. No death penalty in California... unless you're mom's pregnant.


Linda said...

Wow, I had not idea that a teacher could take a female student to have an abortion without notifying the parents - at least that's what I understood from your post. I mean, we need parental consent to take pictures of minors, to take them to museums for field trips - but not to a clinic for a medical procedure to kill a fetus?? Seems a little out of whack

Hamm172 said...

Out of whack was my point. As an educator you know that even the schools here have made provision for school officials to accompany students in emergencies.
My main point is this cult of the child's 'right to privacy' has been carrried to such a silly extreme by the culture of death, that they do see it as reasonable that a teacher or other civil servant would hold the well being of a student in higher regard than her parent.
Another example of this disregard for the family is here in Alberta, when a parent of two or more children dies without a will. The surviving parent gets the first $40,000 and 1/3 of the estate. THE GOVERNMENT holds the other 2/3 of the estate in trust for the kids. The nosy government busy-bodies who wrote our "Intestate Sucession Act" actually think they're justified in assuming the surviving parent won't have her/his children's best interests at heart.

Linda said...

Yes, unfortunately we often seem to be giving the benefit of the doubt to those who don't deserve it and we doubt those we shouldn't. Very strange, indeed.

Sometimes, I think we have too many rights and not enough responsibility. And then, we (and by we, I mean people in general) abuse these rights and everyone suffers.