Thursday, November 24, 2005

IBM LIED, My Credit Card Fried.

Ok, it didn't fry. But they billed my card for a computer I didn't buy.
Last month we ordered a computer, and then changed our minds. I have an email from IBM confirming the cancelation, but the next month they billed me anyway.

When I called them to complain, I was given a different number to call. I called it, and got the EXACT SAME PERSON I had just spoken to. The bitch had actually tried to ditch me onto another call-centre worker. I'm fricken livid. She then tells me I had got her by mistake (yeah, no kidding) because I'd selected the wrong telephone menu choice. (I hadn't) She then said I had to call back, and choose the LAST menu option.
I did so, and got technical support. WTF?
I checked my cancelation email, and saw a Third number and extension to call. I did so. Turns out if you phone that extension the IBM phone system hangs up on you. I tried again in order to repeat the experience of being hung up on by a computer. I had yet another phone number on the email to try, and that one had too many digits.

Is IBM doing this as a matter of policy?

I'm calling the better business bureau.

January 25th: IBM admitted their mistake just before Christmas, and are going to refund my credit card. So they say. Just wait 4-6 weeks for processing. They had my money for nearly 2 months. I will be checking my statement to see if they included any interest.

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