Thursday, May 17, 2007

Columbia House Spam - Bad form...

Ok. Here's a warning for you all: Don't join these butthead's club. Not the DVD club, nor the CD club, nor the TV show club.
Wallmart is cheaper.
I joined these assholes' DVD club in a moment of weakness and have been pestered since with negative-option marketing. In other words, If I fail to reply to their monthly post cards I get sent all sorts of movies I didn't ask for, but must pay for.
After fulfilling their obligatory minimum number of FULL-PRICE OR HIGHER purchases we began receiving offers for porn in the mail from Columbia House. So I canceled.
Not only do I still get their junk mail catalogues, but now they visit my email almost daily.
Bastards. Clicking on the junk mail filter is easy. Telling everybody that they're spam-fiskers too is fun.

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