Saturday, August 11, 2007

Another attempt to Stifle Debate

Roy Jones' attack on Gibbons Town Councilor James Rollison’s judgement for writing a letter to the editor questioning the science behind today's global warming hysteria is a typical response of the climate change lobby. It’s exactly the sort of thing the climate change hysterics do whenever dissenting opinions are raised:

-marginalize the global warming dissenter;
-misrepresent what the global warming dissenter said;
-and attempt to stifle debate by claiming the matter is settled.

First, Roy questioned James Rollison's acceptance of climatologist Dr. Tim Ball as an authority on the climate. A discerning reader might find it odd that Jones so blithely dismisses the credentials of a Climatologist, and favors two enviromental activists: Retired geneticist David Suzuki and Mamologist Tim Flannery. I’ll be perfectly happy to accept at face value the rantings of Dr. Suzuki or Tim Flannery if we’re debating the genetics of fruit flies or habits of Kangaroos and other Australian marsupials. I'll also grant Suzuki credibility in the subject of being a media celebrity. The subject here however, is climate change.

This is exactly the kind of frippery the UN Panel on climate change relied upon to pad their list of scientists who supposedly supported their re-written ICC report: Yes, their signatures were on the report, but it’s old news now that most were not climatologists. How many were biologists, sociologists, and political scientists? Dr. Ball’s name was on that list, at first without his knowledge, and later against his will.

Roy Jones wants you to disregard this climatologist’s learned opinion because he “has a history of being a climate change denier.” That doesn't change the fact that Dr. Ball is a climatologist who is speaking out on issues within his professional area of expertise.

In his effort to discredit Dr. Ball's credibility before your readers, Roy Jones misrepresented him as a climate change denier. Dr. Tim Ball doesn’t deny climate change is occurring. Any elementary school child knows the climate has changed over time. They learn very early about the ice ages, and that the climate during the age of the Dinosaurs differed from the climate today. Roy Jones was falsely putting words into Dr. Balls mouth.

Secondly, Dr. Ball’s position is that there is little or no scientific evidence that human activities are causing climate change. It’s a historical fact that the IPCC has not yet, after several years of alarmist reports, ever produced any scientific proof that humanity is causing climate change. The best they have so far are computer models that cannot even mimic historical changes when programmed with the climate data from the recent past.

Finally, earlier this summer bloggers discovered that NASA’s climate data contained a y2k error, and that the agency had quietly corrected years of bad data. Global Warming hysterics can no longer claim that 9 of the 10 warmest years of the twentieth century were after 1995. 4 of the top ten hottest years were in the 1930s, and only 3 of the hottest years were in the last ten. The data can be seen for yourself at this NASA website:

NASA’s New Figures:
NASA covers up evidence that it’s data collection was faulty:
NASA quietly corrects faulty data that supported Global Warming:

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the national media to carry this story either.

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