Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Michelle's Waitress' guide for TIPs.

Yesterday Son#1 and I went for lunch at the restaurant in Fort Saskatchewan where Daughter#1 works. It's a nicer restaurant than the Boston Pizza she used to work at, but she says the tips aren't as good. She is waitressing this summer to make extra money for college, which she leaves for in two more weeks. The food was great.
While we were there, four 30-something french guys took a table. They were mostly dressed well, but this morning my daughter said they were dirty-mouthed and lewd. She said she was worried at the time that I'd overhear them and go over and make a scene.

Damn right I'd have gone over there and made a scene. Good thing I didn't hear those f*ckers. On top of that they spent $80 and only tipped her two bucks.

That led to a discussion this morning about how customers tip. Here's a summation of what she said.

My Daughter's rules (expectations) for Tips:
  • Old guys alone tip pretty good. They tend to flirt. But it's kind of sad sometimes, having to put up with the way the worse ones undress you with their eyes.
  • Old guys in groups tip well too.
  • Old couples don't. Not sure if the old ladies are jealous or what.
  • Yet a group of little old ladies together will tip well if you joke around and get on well with them.
  • Middle aged guys who're alone are usually cheap.
  • Middle aged guys in groups are pretty good, unless they're french. Then the tips suck and you still have to put up with the stares and dirty suggestions.
  • Oilpatch labourers like Pipeliners are 50-50 unless they're regulars. Then they tip great.
  • Pregnant women are poor tippers. We try to be extra nice to them because we know they don't always feel well, But so far they've usually been miserable and often complain. They shouldn't be let out of their house.
  • Teens and student boys don't know they're supposed to tip, and so usually don't.
  • High school girls and female students in groups tip well too.
  • It's always fun to have your friends come in because you know you're gonna get a good tip.
  • Co-workers tips suck, but waitresses from other restaurants tip ok.
  • I really like big groups of drunk people. They usually tip great.
  • Dealing with families with little kids is hard on a waitress. The kids want what they want, the parents want you to listen to them, and the parents are usually so tired by the trial of chasing their kids that they lose patience with the waitress and tend not to tip.
  • Try to get the customers to compliment the food. If the Chef comes out and thanks the customer for complimenting his efforts, the tips are always good.
By the way, if you're in one of her cheap categories and do tip well, good for you. But stereotypes don't arise without a reason, so you're an exception ok?

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