Friday, May 25, 2012

Quebec's Spoiled Brats Deserve No Sympathy

I almost made the title of this post "Quebec's Politicians Cave in to Spoiled Brat's Temper Tantrum".  Another title could have been "Quebec's Just Desserts."

A quick check of tuition fees in Quebec compared to tuition fees here in Alberta show that Quebec's Rioting students have nothing to bitch about, should be spanked -no, beaten severely, and given well deserved jail sentences.

In 2012 a Quebecois BA student would pay $2,167.80 tuition while an Albertan would have to pay $5,238 in 2011.  Speaking as a former student who paid his own way back in the 1980's I think the Quebec rioters are well-indroctinated communists who need dire lesson in real life. This is an excellent example of how Quebec's Trudeaupian sense of entitlement at the rest of Canada's expense has led to these chickens coming home to roost.

Instead Canada's midstream media, in particular the CBC, has been portraying these spoiled brats as heros with a legitimate grevance.

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