Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Police Bureaucrat Tells Conservative Gov't to F*ck Off

Isn't it funny how the Liberal's Long-gun Registry cost taxpayers like you and me close to two billion dollars, but now the government bureaucrats are running an illegal shadow registry for FREE?

Ontario's Chief Firearms Officer has just thumbed his nose at the Federal Government, and defied Public Safety Minister Vic Toews order yesterday to stop illegally intimidating retailers and illegally collecting information about long-gun purchases.

(link to the story: HERE )

Without going into conspiracy theories, it's quite obvious from watching news stories about people who were victimized by crime that it's a part of Canadian Police Culture to reflexively act against anyone who attempts to defend themselves. Victims of crime are often charged by Canadian Police with assault and worse when they act in their own defense against their attackers.  They also seem to be especially interested in bringing the entire weight of the State down on any Canadian who responds with violence against against a criminal when the criminal wasn't violent first.

The Criminal Code allows self defense, but our Police don't. This defiance of Parliament regarding a shadow gun registry is logical extension of the same mindset.

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