Saturday, May 26, 2012

Some people are Rotters.

Decades ago during my college years I was at a New Years Party being held at a friend's farmhouse. It was dark, 30 below zero, and a group of us were walking to our cars from the house when one of the guys stopped and pissed all over the windshield of our host's Plymouth Horizon. He laughed drunkenly about it all the way to his own car.  Over the years I wondered that he didn't end up in Jail.

I'm glad to say he wasn't a friend, and ashamed to admit I didn't tell our host. Sorry Carole, you deserved better.

But yesterday I thought of that guy, Pierre C, when I discovered someone had jumped all up and down on the trunk of my convertible with muddy shoes and scratched up the paint. 

Some people are just assholes.

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