Tuesday, February 28, 2006

GETHUMAN - Wow, what a great idea!


Do you hate automated telephone systems like I do? I have an absolute HATE for companies that insulate their people from their customers with these automated time-wasting hell-inspired menu systems. Nothing pisses me off more than to wait through a four or five minute recitation of menu choices to learn that office hours are now over, and I should call back tomorrow.

Like yesterday.

For most of the past 16 years I've had to supply my own laptop computer for my work in the field. That's okay, I didn't mind. It meant I could buy (and write-off) the computer of my choice, and have the features I wanted. If it broke, I could call the vender's tech support right up to midnight (or later.)
But for the last 3 years, I have had to use a company-subsidized IBM laptop. In exchange for this low-bid unit I have to put up with their paranoid company-installed spyware and lamo security measures. God forbid the thing bung up while I'm in the field.
An hour after the 8-4 company tech support crowd at our East-Coast Home office all went home at the end of their union-mandated banker's- hours workday, My computer locked me out of my login identity while I was with a client. Yes, I do know my password.
You'd think a fortune 1000 company would have tech support people available during the hours their sales force was working in the field and might need assistance? Nooooo.

It's noon the next day over there, and the bastards, I mean, boffins, still haven't returned my call.

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