Friday, February 10, 2006

Speak up NOW, or be counted among the goats...

Pretty soon the day will arrive when we in the West will have to stop calling a Spade a card, and admit a Spade is a Spade. Sometimes you DO have to state the obvious. I was having coffee Tuesday with my buddy Pinto, and he said something regarding this whole Muslim Outrage thing.
He said, "I'm sick and tired of hearing that we should be more understanding and sensitive to the so-called peaceful practitioners of Islam; how 'they' insist it's just the radicals who making all of Islam look bad. Well, Why the Hell aren't the So-called MODERATES denouncing them?"

Right on Man. Is it too much to hope the talking heads will realize the so-called moderates have been damn near completely and bloody silent over their fellow-believers crimes? If the so-called moderates won't denounce them, why?

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