Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dixie Chickens come home to Roost

Time and again I see people ignore reality and insist on behaving as if things were they way they 'wished," rather than by the way they 'are.' The Marketing naifs in question, County Music's Dixie Chicks, have been forced to cancel 14 shows in their American tour because of weak ticket sales.
In 2003 the chicks managed to offend most of their core audience when singer Natalie Mainse told an audience that she was embarrased U.S. President Bush was from Texas. Since then they've come out vocally against the War on Terror in both their statements and songwriting.
While they were lauded in Liberal regions like California and New York they have suffered a backlash from their core audience, Country Music listeners. The Chicks have now replaced the cancled American dates with shows in Canada, whose heavily taxed-economy suffers from a much heavier burden of liberal believers than the United States.
Even here in Canada I haven't heard any of their new material on the radio despite obvious heavy promotion of their new CD.

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