Friday, August 04, 2006

An Indictment of the Canadian Legal System

Last week a convicted repeat-offender pedophile allegedly abducted two young boys in Manitoba, and allegedly led police on a two-day national manhunt, before being allegedly cornered in a Saskatchewan farmhouse. After an alleded standoff, the child molester gave himself up to Police... allegedly. Peter Whitmore, the named subject of a nation-wide manhunt, was caught redhanded by police hundreds of miles away from the scene of the crime WITH the abducted children, and his liar- er, his lawyer, is talking about making deals with the crown in exchange for pleading guilty.

That's an admission of guilt. Only the ACLU-types, defense attornies, or a retard couldn't see that.

Such is the stupidity of our system, that a criminal like this multiplely convicted pedophile can be repeatedly caught, convicted and then released like a fish in an Alberta lake. For too long the soft-headed disciples of the liberal church of the fuzzy bunnies have held our lawmaker's in their sway. The accepted legal practices of making deals with the crown, copping to lesser offenses in order to ensure an easy prosecution, soft-headed laws that include mandatory parole after serving only two-thirds of a sentence, and other forms of early release need to be eliminated.

Years of rehabilitation as a guest of our penal system have not made Peter Whitmore a productive member of society. It's time for the pendulum of justice to swing away from the false hope of 'rehabilitation' and back towards 'deterence.' Peter Whitmore wouldn't have very much success at seducing or abducting children with the word PERVERT tattood across his forhead in big red letters, would he?

There are places where people don't need to fear for their children's safety, where property crimes are almost unheard of, and where it's safe to go for a late night stroll on a dark city street. I like being a Canadian, and living in Canada, but we need to look for some new ideas. Like in Singapore, for example, where teenage hooligans caught vandalizing property are publicly caned on the first offense.

Guess what? Vandalism isn't much of a problem in Singapore. What applications of this principle would work here? Talk about things that make you go: Hmmmmmmmm.

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