Saturday, August 19, 2006

stinkin telephone fundraisers

For the past week we've been getting phone calls from a charity that uses telephone solicitation. They all invariably CLAIM that I've donated to them in the past. Many of them, I might have, once, at a charity dinner or something in 1985, or somewhere. But does this give them the right to continually pester me on the phone for the rest of my life?

Is it too much to expect them to respect my wishes, when I tell them not to call anymore? expect compliance when I call their '1-800 do not call me anymore' self-registration lines?

Here's a perfect example. See the graphic above? Eddie Shack's Battle of the Badges? The assholes they hired to pes- uh, solicit funds over the telephone have been calling my house ALL THIS PAST #*$%#$% WEEK. After a week of screening their calls, I answered. I began to tell the guy that we chose our charities, and have chosen to NOT support those which use telephone solicitation. He hung up in my ear. I've registered with their 'do-not-call-anymore' line, but they've called back 5 times since, hoping someone else will answer, I think.

I acknowlege that many worthy charities have made the mercenary mistake of turning to paid professional fundraisers. I don't dispute the fundraiser's right to earn a living through their enterprise, but I ought to be able to phone and pester them repeatedly at THEIR homes too!

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