Monday, August 21, 2006

stinkin liberals breaking the law -again

Canada has a law against meetings or negotiations with terrorist groups including Hezbollah. Earlier this week Lebanon's President Emile Lahoud unequivocably linked his government with Hezbollah while claiming victory over Israel. Call me dense, but that put Lahoud in Hezbollah's camp, doesn't it?

Today a group of three opposition Canadian MPs met with Lahoud while on a shit disturbing tour of southern Lebanon, and spokesman MPBorys Wrzesnewskyj told CBC News that despite what the law says, Canada shouldn't miss this opportunity to dialog with the terrorist side in the most recent installment of the Islam/Israeli war.

Ok, he didn't phrase it that way. He ignored the CBC reporter's question about the wisdom of disregarding the aforementioned law, and kept repeating his mantra that "we shouldn't miss this opportunity."
Canadian Press quoted him being a little clearer:

"I've said all along that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization and will continue to be," Wrzesnewskyj said. "Where I have difficulty is with the legislation that says a group on the list cannot be communicated with."

In other words, he's opposed to the law which forbids contact/fund raising/negotiation with terrorist organizations. (This is a guy whose political party gave (not sold) gave the Soviets millions in aid through free grain shipments during the Trudeau years of the Cold War.)

Therein lies the crux of the Liberals problem with chosing sides in the battle between right & wrong / good & evil. They don't understand that terrorists and despots belong to that class of persons and organizations that must be Stamped Out. If we had been saddled with the curse of the "Early 21st century Liberal" during WWII, the Nazis would now be in power in Europe because of a negotiated series of cease-fires following D-Day.

Since Prime Minister Harper has come solidly down against Hezbollah in the recent conflict in the Holy Land, the opposition Liberals have been shitting themselves sideways trying to tell us that a governing Party has no business taking sides. Never mind that over the last decade they've always chosen to side with the despots, or at least come firmly down on the side of lukewarm ambiguity.

In Lebanon's President Lahoud's eye, Lebanon=Hezbollah. Ok, then stinking Liberal MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj and his buddies should be charged with breaking the law for meeting with a terrorist organization.

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