Thursday, October 06, 2005

Lets Help Justice Gomery, Shall we?

I was perusing TABaker's blog, (some damn fine ideas there too) and found he'd posted a link on his Edmonton Blog page that every one of us should follow up. One of my biggest resentments of the Canadian system is the absolute indifference the Governing Liberals and their Federal Government have towards non-liberals outside of the Toronto-Ottawa-Quebec triangle. Tim has a link for us to tell Justice John Gomery what recommendations he should be making in the wake of the multi-million dollar Liberal Party embezzlement program known as the 'Sponsorship Scandal'.
Here it is:

As we all know, former Prime Minister Jean Chretien gave Justice Gomery a mandate to find out what happened, but NOT to point fingers and lay blame for the fraud, embezzelment, and outright theft of tax dollars. (Things that make you go: hmmmm...) How do you report what happened without saying who dun nit?
Yesterday the Liberal Party's current crimelord, Mr. Paul ("I'll fix the democratic deficit") Martin, has just rigged the political calendar so that any potential election won't be fought in the immediate aftermath of Gomery's emasculated report.
We have to flood Gomery with demands that his recommendations will give us retributio- er, I mean, Justice!

Both the timing and circumstances of Justice Gomery's reports appear to have been manipulated to minimize political damage to the governing Liberal Party in the wake of yet another corruption scandal. Justice Gomery's recommendations should include vigorous Criminal Prosecution of the individuals and organizations involved, and HARSH penalties like full reparations and tons of JAIL TIME for the same. This is not to include the current typical Liberal Government penalty of firing a scapegoat and then appointing them to an Ambassadorship or seat in the Senate.

Well, I've taken advantage of this offer for lil' ol' everyday Canadians to provide some input into Justice John Gomery 's report. So should you.

correction: Tim has told me that blogroll Edmonton isn't his, it was organized by Dino over at BPoC.


Tim said...

Well said.

Thanks for popping in on my blog and for your comment.

I would like to welcome you to the Bloggers Edmonton Blogroll. I will have to correct you though. Bloggers Edmonton is not "my" site. It was actually started by Dino over at BPoC. I just give him a little help with running it. Very little I might

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DazzlinDino said...

Welcome to the fold my friend, always a pleasure to have another fellow Edmontonian in the ranks. Your on the list and "rolling"

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