Monday, October 31, 2005

Native leaders ask for More Money

Canadian Press is reporting today that Canadian Aboriginal leaders plan to ask the Prime Minister for 5 Billion more dollars next month, and THAT will end native poverty in Canada.
In Regina today, Saskatchewan Indian Nations Chief Alphonse Bird cited the contaminated water crisis in Ontario's Kashechewan reserve and said that is something that is happening on Saskatchewan's reserves too. Native leaders plan on presenting their demand for more money November 24th in Kelowna at the First Minister's conference on aboriginal affairs.

An admirable goal, but is that their only motivation? Or is there something else?
In the CP interview, Chief Alphonse Bird of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations admitted "We also want to maximize the opportunity that is there to bring as much home as possible."

Are you a taxpayer? Does this piss you off? The dept. of Indian affairs pissed away 9 Billion dollars a year. Cut the Civil Service out, and that's 9 Billion divided by 733,626 aboriginals for a total of $24,535.66 for a family of two or $36,803.49 for a family of three or $49,071.32 for a family of four, (thanks again, Tim).

$49,071.32 for a family of four. That's not upper class, but if the Dad also had a job... Anyone who thinks they need another 5 Billion dollars to help wipe out poverty must be either stupid, a civil servant employed by Indian Affairs, or perhaps a less than honest person who might have their fingers in the pie. eh?

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