Friday, October 28, 2005

Plinking - one of life's little joys best shared.

Took son #1 out the other day, to go plinking with my ol' high school buddy Rod out at a local range. It was too windy for any accurate shooting, but we had a blast anyway. The only improvement could have been the sudden appearance of an occupied gopher colony or two. Yours truly turned out to be champion balloon killer on the 25 yard pistol range.

In this shot, he's firing a 12 gauge slug. Click this link to see his reaction the first time he ever fired a shotgun.

Two of the pistols Rod brought out, a Berretta .22 and his 1911 Colt .45 acp.

Son #1 with the .45 Of all the guns we shot, he seemed to like this one best. I think it was the history of the 1911 Colt that did it.

Hey It's me! Firing Rod's 38-55 calibre Model 94 Winchester, manufactured in June of 1900. We also got to play with his Lee Enfield and M-21.

Son#1 with the Winchester.

This is so true. Rod had also received a gift of 50 hand-loaded .45 ACP rounds. We tried them at the end of the day, and the damn things were loaded with Black Powder! I think he cut it with dirt. The pistol fouled and jammed twice on the first and only magazine we tried.

Day to day life keeps me so busy that it's easy to forget the joys of my youth. I grew up on the farm, and hunting/fishing was something we took for granted. Other than my .22 Cooey or an online computer game, my boys haven't had the pleasure of shooting anything until now. I think that's sad.

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