Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Another U.N. failure

Ironcross11 has some choice observations for Canadian General Romeo Dallaire and any other liberal pansies who share his propensity for blaming America for the world's ills.

Dallaire, who was the General in command of U.N. forces, was forced to sit on his hands while the Rwandan Genocide was happening all around him. He was on Cspan this week, promoting his book, "Shake Hands with the Devil." One review on Amazon called it, "...a stinging indictment of the petty bureaucrats who refused to give Dallaire the men and the operational freedom he needed to stop the killing."

In his Cspan interview, Dallaire blamed the Clinton Administration for the failures of the U.N., for the failures of the so-called Rwandan authorities, and for failing to stop the killing.

As I understand from the reviews, Dallaire spread the blame more broadly than that, so it's quite possible Ironcross was reacting to what he felt was yet another unjust liberal slur against America.

Ironcross rightly points out that every time the United States acts beyond it's borders, it's accused of imperialism. Not usually by the people they're helping, but by all the other hypocritical do-nothing/spend-nothing countries... Like Canada.

I think his comments are definitely Worth reading.

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