Wednesday, April 06, 2005

...Not doing business with Iran

April 6th- The only nice thing about the Liberals is that they can read opinion polls, and with a minority government that's more important than ever. With the leaked truth spilling past the gag over the Brault testimony of the Gomery inquiry, the government must be frightened indeed.

Today a Foreign Affairs official announced Canada's pulling out of a "Doing Business with Iran" symposium scheduled for (where else?) Montreal, Quebec next week. the Globe and Mail reports that Agriculture Canada was to be the co-sponsor of the event, providing translators, a-v equipment, and a roster of government experts as guest-speakers.

I can imagine they're looking pretty hard in the PM's office for quick and obvious stuff they can do, to visibly distance themselves from Iran... and distract the masses from Gomery.


That link to "doing business with Iran" is broken, and the Symposium's website lists "Doing Business with the MiddleEast" on April 13th, instead. I'm not sure if they've merely renamed the event, or if this was already scheduled.

What do you think?

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