Thursday, April 14, 2005

Pervert's Paradise

PERVERT’S PARADISE was a front page headline in Edmonton this week.

PERVERT’S PARADISE is a group home which quietly hosts a sex offender since earlier this year.

PERVERT’S PARADISE is just across the street from York Elementary School.

On March 11th a teacher apprehended a pervert on the school grounds, who was exposing himself to children. Neighbors complained that the weekend before that, the same man was exposing himself to them. Another sex offender living in the PERVERT’S PARADISE set up a school-yard viewing area in the group home.

OK, who do we throw into jail for the incredibly stupid decision to place this person there? Who was the mental giant in the public service that okayed this decision? Not only is this person stupid stupid stupid, they belong in unemployment unemployment unemployment, if not jail jail jail.

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