Friday, April 08, 2005

Here's A sad person...

Photo of Columnist Lyn Cockburn

Journalists, Politicians, and pundits are full of praise for the Pope, John Paul 2nd. But in her Thursday column, Winnipeg columnist Lyn Cockburn couldn’t restrain herself from giving the old boy a few kicks while flogging her favorite rubber appliance, the condom. She said the Pope should have shut up, because he held to Church teaching about Contraceptives and Marriage. Of all the comentary about the late pontif's life, this is the first one that tries to blame him for the AIDS crisis in the third world.

Now, Lyn made a number of valid points about the scourge of AIDS, but completely exposed her ignorance when she attacked the church and Pope John Paul 2nd. If anyone should shut up about condoms, it’s her. Condom failure rates in normal hertero intercourse can approach 20%. Failure rates for anal intercourse are much higher. How many young people will die because they believed what Lyn wrote?

Yes Lyn, AIDS is bad. Yes Lyn, marital infidelity is bad. But Lyn, you flaunt your ignorance (or is it malevolence?) when you claim the church teaching in Africa is that only women should be chaste until marriage, and men can screw around all they want. Here's your quote:
"The women must be chaste of course while no such strictures are placed upon the men."
If I'm wrong, and you don't think the Church in Africa preaches this double standard for their believers, then you must mean the double standard is for non-believers. They're don't follow the church anyway, so why blame the Catholics? That's stupid.

Until I read this column, I really didn’t think any informed people really thought it was the Church’s fault AIDS has spread as far as it has. How facile. How simplistic.

What a sad life she must have led to believe that chastity outside the marriage bed and faithfulness to your spouse is unworkable today. These ideals have worked for the thousands of years between the writing of the Ten Commandments until now. If more people aspired to live up to them, sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS and DIVORCE wouldn’t be so rampant today.

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