Friday, April 29, 2005

Liberals still stealin- I mean, misusing funds

The Gomrie inquiry continues with yet another Ban on Publication. But the liberal-friendly media is practically ignoring it. MSM is meekly repeating the government’s press releases, and all of Martin & Layton’s anti-conservative rhetoric and mistruths as they campgain across the country this week, supported by taxpayer dollars.
Yes, Taxpayer dollars. There has been no writ. No dissolving of Parliament, no official campaign, with it’s rules about access to the media, fundraising guidelines, etc… Rules designed to encourage an honest election.
Instead, Paul Martin is out on campgain trail this week, making pronouncements and pressing the flesh, pretending to be doing the Crown’'s work. All he’'s proving is that his Liberals can misuse the taxpayer’s purse as well as Jean Chretien’'s Liberals could.

Yesterday the taxpayers flew Martin to Thunderbay, Ontario, where his campgain paused long enough to accuse the Conservatives of jumping into bed with Quebec’s separatists. Today’s campgain stop was in Winnipeg, where Martin inked a $176 million dollar childcare agreement with Manitoba’s government. Tomorrow the taxpayers fly him to Regina for more campgaining.
Now that Paul Martin’s minority government has bought the NDP’s support with a sudden 4.6 Billion dollar bribe, our socialist party’s leader, Jack Layton, is finally getting MSM airtime outside of the CBC.
For the first time, Layton can use the public purse to promote his message, just like the liberals.
Yesterday in Halifax, that message was a big lie. Layton claimed the Conservatives will scrap the Maritimes’ hard won oil agreements. Layton knows he’s lying, but Harper has repeatedly said the Conservatives will honor those agreements. In fact, Harper demanded to know why the Atlantic accord was suddenly so important to the NDP.
“If the NDP supports the Atlantic Accord as it professes, why did they miss a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to insist the accord be separated from the budget and passed immediately?”
The answer of course, is they don’t give a damn, it’s merely a useful club to scare the voters with.
Do the voters see this? As for Martin, how can the number two man in a corrupt and discredited government be worthy enough to run the country?

Today, an unscientific Cnews poll of over 14,000 readers showed 65% of readers would turf the Liberals tonight.

And yes, I do know how to spell campaign.

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